Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Welcome Summer!
Well it's finally here! It took a long time to get here, but the weather is finally decent and were getting some work done.

A few updates:

Update number 1)
Daisy had her piglets in March!

It was a long, grueling process. Taking over 36 hours to produce 13 piglets. Not all made it, but we were able to save 7 of the 13. Orders for pork haven't come in like we were hoping, we've only held back 2 of the piglets to raise for customers.

Update number 2)
I had my baby on my birthday!
We barely made it to the hospital on time! only 3 hours from first sign of labor, to holding our 2nd son.
Update number 3)
Allie the boxer had puppies!

Update number 4)
So far, the Epic Garden of '13 is growing rather nicely.
From starting out in little cups in the office,
To taking over the kitchen...
And the back steps
To now actually being in the ground!

It's such a rewarding experience to watch what you've put so much time and effort into, really start thriving. I will probably want to kill myself come harvest time when all 40 pepper plants, 50 tomatoes, 450 feet of beans and 10 cucumbers all want to be harvested and preserved or sold all at the same time.

Update number 5)

Our first ever beef cow went to the butcher earlier this year. We weren't extremely impressed with how he turned out. We are crossing jerseys off of our list of possible breeds for raising for beef.
Though the flavor was awesome, the size and the number of cuts just wasn't. 3 more calves await the butcher at half the age of the jersey, they are already bigger and more filled out than he was. That makes me assume that by the time they go in in Oct, they will surpass him in size, cuts, and flavor
Update number 6)
Daisy is pregnant again! (we hope)
If all goes well, her next litter is expected  on Sept 25th. Just 3 days before her first borns go to butcher.
Let me make it clear....there is no 'boy pig' AKA 'Boar' here at A Little Morr Farms. So when we want new piglets, we have to do it ourselves....with a little help from Daisy and a boyfriend in a bottle.
When artificially inseminating a pig, you will need a Boyfriend in a bottle, a Rod (corkscrewed, for her pleasure) some lube (olive oil works well) and a pig in heat.

Doesn't she look sexy?

I now must pretend to be a boar, sitting on her is the best way.

insert rod, and gently squeeze the boyfriend in a bottle while sitting on the pig.
And then you're done! Nothing to it! ;-)
So now, we wait. We wait for the pigs and cows and plants to grow. And we wait for Daisy to either come back into heat, or have babies. 
Trust me, that doesn't mean I'm sitting around all day twiddling my thumbs, there is weeding to be done, fences to be fixed, a barn door that 'someone' broke. Oh, and now 2 kids to feed, clothe, play with, entertain....sleep is for the weak!

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